RELEASE DAY! Path of Justice (Cadicle #6)

Release day, finally! The sixth volume in the Cadicle space opera series is now live on Amazon. You can check it out here:…

It’s hard to believe I’ve released six novels in less than two years. I’ve been working on this pet project for about twenty years now, so it’s super cool to have this series out there in the world.

I hope you enjoy this installment!

  • Book logo of Cadicle Vol. 6: Path of Justice
  • PATH OF JUSTICE (Cadicle #6)

    Tararia’s future is in peril…

    In the years since the Bakzen war, Wil and Saera have raised a family on Earth outside the purview of the High Dynasties and Priesthood. Except, it’s almost time for their teenage twins, Raena and Jason, to begin telekinesis training and they have no idea such abilities even exist. With the Bakzen threat eliminated, Wil hopes the TSS can offer them training without the need to commit to a lifetime of military service. Just as the twins come to understand the life on Tararia that was kept from them as children, the family discovers that there’s always another layer of secrets guiding their lives.

    Path of Justice is the sixth installment in the Cadicle series. This novel lays the foundation for the plan to finally bring down the Priesthood.

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