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A look inside Endless Advance (Uprise Saga #2)

I know you’ve been anxious to discover Ava’s fate, and the wait is almost over!¬†Endless Advance will be released on December 11th. In the meantime, here are some snippets for the second book in the Uprise Saga. Happy reading! Snippet #1 – 11/30/2017 Snippet #2 – 12/05/2017 Snippet #3 – 12/08/2017 Snippet #4 – 12/10/2017 […]

A look inside Covert Talents (Uprise Saga #1)

I’ve been talking about this new book for a while now, and you’re probably anxious to see what it’s all about! Below are some excerpts from the book. This series has a little more of a mature, military theme than my previous works. I hope you like it! Snippet #1 – 11/14/2017 Snippet #2 – […]

The Cadicle Series is Complete!

Scions of Change, the seventh volume in the Cadicle space opera series, is now live on Amazon! Though this completes the seven-book arc of the Cadicle series I had planned, there are still many more stories I want to tell in this story universe and with these characters. I began working on this series in […]