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Is it possible to change destiny? The Cadicle series follows three generations of the pivotal Sietinen Dynasty as each learns their part in an elaborately orchestrated galactic conflict. Torn by politics, love, and war, the Cadicle and those he holds most dear must choose between duty and morality as the true nature of their purpose unfolds. Through their roles as Agents in the Tararian Selective Service, they will be on the front lines of space battles, but the political skirmishes they must face on Tararia could prove just as dangerous. The Cadicle holds the key to winning both, but at what cost?


Set in the Kurtherian Gambit story universe created by Michael Anderle, the Uprise Saga follows Lt. Ava Landyn and her special ops team in the Force de Guerre (FDG).






9 tales of galactic ludicrousness, all communicated entirely in beeps and squinks.

Featuring “Stealing Trouble” by Amy DuBoff. Legitimate business is boring. There’s no thrill, just a lot of paperwork. The crew of the Little Princess II hates paperwork. To amuse themselves, they decide to try their hands at some old fashioned art theft and black market dealings. However, going in without a clear plan has a tendency to backfire. Old nemeses, incorrect assumptions, and bad luck are just the beginning of their problems.


Thirty-one talented authors. Twenty-eight remarkable stories. One incredible science fiction collection. The universe is expanding and these are some of its stories. Bestselling and debut authors have created worlds where invasions are apocalyptic and space empires are in peril. The universe is beyond our understanding… or is it?

Featuring “One Last Job” by Amy DuBoff, a short story set in the Cadicle universe. Captain Thom Caleri has tried to leave his sorted past behind. But with mounting financial troubles, he’s forced to take on one final black market delivery contract that promises a big payday. If he can complete the job without getting caught, he might finally be able to start a new life with his crew.